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Here's my translation of the interview. When it's in italic, it's Sebastian own words.

Sorry for the change in shaping, I don't understand what happened I'll try to correct it later

Do you often come in France?

Yes, I come 2/3 times per year. It depends of the year. Lately, a little bit more, to see my parents.

Which area do you prefer in France?

I really like the South-West because my parents live there. But, hmm, there are lots of regions that I really like: the Aude, the Var, the Azure Coast, Corsica (sublime). In fact there are so many sublime places: Massif Central, Vosges, the Alps, Brittany…

When you come, con you walk in the streets without being recognized?

Yes, absolutely. I’m not that known (famous). People think they know me but they don’t throw themselves at me. In the US it’s a bit more aggressive. Here it’s more; they smile at you then they look at you, they smile again but they don’t really come to you. It depends. It happened to me just in front of the hotel; a guy thinking I was Gordon Ramsey (laughing) He asked for a photo. It’s always really nice. There are no paparazzi or hysteria like with Brad Pitt or Jennifer Lopez.

What’s your dream project if it’s not already been done?

A dream project. In the cinema or? My dream project would be, hmm, I’ve written some scenarios. I’ve written one lately that I’d really want to do that’s a true story. It happened in Africa when I was doing a documentary in Sudan, South Sudan and North Uganda. It’s a project I’d really like doing.
And then I’d really love working with great director like Jacques Audiart in France. I’d anything to work with Jacques Audiart. Other great directors: Paul Thomas Anderson, Scorsese (of course).

Do you have some advices for those who’d want to follow your footsteps as an actor?

You really really need to have faith. When you’re an actor you can do it half set. You need to belief in yourself even when you go through bad moments. You absolutely need to belief in your abilities, in your talent. Even if you’re bad.
And evidently, you also need to work. You can’t work your talent, it’s innate. You really need to belief in yourself. That’s what makes you go on.

In every guest spots you do on a show, you are asked to do another language. Is it a generality?

In fact most people, hmm, sometimes I auditioned, sometimes you got a role offer because people knows I’ve it’s easy for me to speak languages. It’s true.
I was raised bilingually: French and English and afterwards I’ve learned Spanish and Italian. When you’re bilingual, it’s like you’re a musician. We have an easiness to reproduce languages sounds etc. So I do a lot of Dutch, Russian. I’ve just shot a movie where a play a French who speaks English with a French accent that I can do. When I speak English, I speak it with a British accent. I’m really good with accents. It’s easy for me. I’ve got a good ear.

Lots of fans nicknamed you “the 10.000 tv-shows actor”. Could you tell us on which stage you were the more at ease?

The more at ease? Usually I feel pretty comfortable. Of course, Supernatural. Really. What did I do? Fringe was also really great. It wasn’t as super relaxed.  Supernatural, really, in my opinion.
I’ve also done an American soap, General Hospital, I was really at ease because they were adorable with. I didn’t stay long. Vampire Diaries, I knew most of the actor.
It depends on the role. If I really feel comfortable in that role, if the character speaks to  ; I’m coming being very at ease.
Really the last 3 shows I’ve done. Even Criminal Minds but it was a bit different. It wasn’t as challenging for me.

What happened on a stage that really stood out for you? And on which show?

Lately, I’ve done a movie, WER as in werewolf. It was in Romania for 6 weeks, no 5, so it was pretty intense. What stood out is that we were working with lot of improvisation.  It was a really interesting way of working; without safe net. We could always invent something. It stood out because it was pretty hard, pretty physical. But it was very interesting.

For you, what is the essential thing while filming?

On what level?


It depends a lot on the director, the crew, the producers, etc. And the other actors, of course. Filming is a whole: the director sets the mood. I don’t like working with assholes. I don’t belief at all in the director who are awful to their cast, to the point where… I enjoyed, I am, once I’ve heard a interview of George Clooney, he was saying “I don’t work with bastards. I’m not interested by working in pain. I think creativity comes when you’re feeling good on a stage.”  I totally agree with him.
It’s true I had some occasions, in the theater, where I was with total jerk. And that was for nothing. I find that working in simplicity and sincerity is way more pleasant.

If you could come back in a show where your character died, which one would it be? Which character do you love to play?

The last two characters I really loved are the two I’ve already talked about. I loved Balthazar. It’s true that I think it was a pity to kill   him so soon. I would have loves to show another face of Balthazar because when I’m doing panels I’m always playing the character Sebastian, totally crazy and asexual, oh not asexual, on the contrary. I’d like to show something else, a deeper side. It was a pity. I left hungry for more.
It’s kind of the same feeling for Michael in Vampire Diairies. It really left me unsatisfied because I really think there was a story to tell between Klaus, who is my step son, and my other children. I think it was a really interesting family story, a dynamic that could be very interesting. But who knows, we never really die on that type of shows. I’d really love to come back to those two characters.

Do you watch every week Supernatural?

No, it’s very hard for me. I don’t watch a lot of TV. It seems strange. I love watching movies. It’s pretty hard for me to keep watching, I’m having difficulties to do so. I’ve never really followed a tv-show.

So you don’t see the finale?

No, I didn’t see it. I’d have liked to see it. To see what’s happening. But I’ve been told.

Do you have an idea to where the show is heading in season 8? Can we have your theory?

I think that Crowley will be back as a pretty big character. It’s evident that Castiel and Jensen won’t stay in Purgatory. That’s evident, especially Jensen. I don’t know what will happen with Misha. Maybe there will be an angel revenge, who knows. And maybe he’ll call for other angels, hmm?!

If you were the Trickster, what illusions would you have Dean and Sam undergo?

What would I have liked to do? Hmm. Read their minds. No? That’s not an illusion. What did the Trickster do?

Once a parody of Grey’s Anatomy, they were stuck in TV Land.

As a parody, I’d have liked a swashbuckler movie or something like that, something a bit goofy. Or cartoon, a fake cartoon. That would have been funny.

Do you have some funny stories about filming never told before?

No, I’ve already told all of them. I remember there was a really dramatic scene at the end, right before I die; I go to Jim Beaver, Bobby’s lair, I’m coming to see Jensen. I had a pretty dramatic scene with Jensen, and at the same time there were Jared’s hands going up towards his crotch. Those are very funny moments and they didn’t bother me because we all get along so well that’s not bothering at all. If it was on another stage, it could have upsetting me. But absolutely not there. We are so relaxed and chilled together. And then Bob singer, who was directing that episode, is so cool about that kind of stuff. That’s what I love we’re working in a fun mood and with serenity. It’s good. It allows the best performance.  

Last question: do you sometimes go on social networks or forums to know what they say about you?

Sometimes, but I don’t really like doing it. It’s a bit too “what are saying about me?” Sometimes yes, mostly on Twitter. On twitter, I follow because people send me, I like to wish happy birthday. I could answer to all the fans but I don’t have the time. So I answer, but not when people say “could you answer me”, I don’t answer individually. Sometimes I do, when it’s to retweet a social/good cause. And I’ll send a tweet explaining what it is about. That’s what I’m following. Other networks, sometimes, because, if we only look at ourselves it becomes…  They probably say good things, most of the times. And I find that great, it’s very flattering. But sometimes we become a bit too obsessed about ourselves. I try to keep some humor about myself.

Thank you very much.

Thank you, you’re welcome.

So it's the time of season finales. I'll post my thoughts as I'm viewing them. So if you haven't seen them yet, move away.

Gossip Girl

Predictable. I admit I was hoping for a Dair finale even though I knew that wouldn’t happen.

I feel like I’ve seen this end several times already. Ok this time it’s Blair chasing Chuck but for me, even they love each other, they’re a toxic couple. Can’t imagine them truly happy.

 Also: why the writers needed to include Georgina? I don’t like Dan working with her. I’m disappointed by this and maybe hoping he would show more maturity than writing “the truth about the Upper East Side” with her help.

Goodbye Serena, I won’t miss you.


The final was quite action packed. Really liked it and I’m loving that the big baddie was Christophe(r) Lambert.

The deaths were anticlimactic. I don’t remember who Renko was (for which storyline was he important?). I kind of liked disliking Hunter. I like watching antagonist characters interact and she had some great scenes with Callen. The writers could have done more with her.

I know that Callen is supposed to be the hero of NCIS:LA but I wish we’d have finale centered around another character.  Quite like where his storyline ended this year.

I hope that TPTB will find a way to bring Hetty back. Without her it won’t be the same show.

Criminal Minds

I love this finale, maybe my favorite since the beginning of the show.

So many good things to say that I don’t really know where to start…

I absolutely love seeing the BAU family outside a case. I can perfectly imagine Garcia & Reid going to a convention. I loved her cosplay. Was sad to realize that she and Kevin had broken up. The writer MUST fix that next year. They’re meant for each other !

I really enjoyed the building tension during the bank robbery. Tricia Helfer played well the creepy character. Some of her scenes made me shiver.

I liked that the extended BAU family had all a part to play in this case. I really like Will, so was happy to see him again. I think Josh Stewart and AJ Cook have a good on screen chemistry so it’s always great to see them together. I loved how JJ was battling Morgan to stop Will to go inside. Nice to see her fight for her loved ones. And what a badass mom!
I really enjoyed Will and Prentiss’ scene. Loving how she put the puzzle together to save his life.

Rossi, you’re sneaky. I think it was sweet of him to organize JJ and Will’s wedding in his back yard. Cuddle for bringing JJ’s mom. The dress was beautiful.

What a cute scene between Henry and his godfather Reid. Would have love to see Henry and Jack playing together. (AJ Cook’s son is so cute!)

I also liked that Anderson was part of the wedding as his character is part of the bullpen since the beginning.

The end was bittersweet. It was one of the rare moments of joy in the show but I kept crying the whole time because It was Prentiss’ last scene with the BAU. I really wish we had a goodbye scene between her and Reid. It was missing as I feel like he was the most damaged by her “death”.

The only downside for me : not enough Spencer Reid.


I’m still wondering if I liked the finale or not. But as usual loved "The Road so Far".

Some part parts were really good and some felt like déjà vu.

Bobby’s death was anticlimactic but it was well done as we were seeing the boys reaction & not his ghost bursting into flames.

Crowley & Dick writing the contract made me snicker. Quite enjoyed it but I was sure that Crowley would give his blood as Canada is too small for the King of Hell.

The new Cas made me smile at first but at the end wanted to punch him. You don’t leave your friend alone in Purgatory. That scene reminded of season 3 and Dean in hell. That end has already been done.
Also you’d think a hunter as experimented as Dean would have run when Dick started to send waves around him while dying!

Baby’s Back.
Only to throw her against the Sugrocorp sign.
Dean let Meg drives his Baby 0_o

Sam is well and truly alone.

Hope that Jeremy Craver will quickly find a way to bring the boys back together. I’m quite excited about him becoming the showrunner as I always loved his episodes.

So it's the time of season finales. I'll post my thoughts as I'm viewing them. So if you haven't seen them yet, move away.

Vampire Diaries

I knew they would turn Elena & kill Ric. So Predictable !
Pretty sure Elena will remember that she actually met Damon first now she's a vampire. Hoping it'll make her change her choice.
Wasn't happy with her choosing Stefan. I think her relationship with Damon is more electric and has lot more potential because he tends to let her be more independent (or at least pretending).

Bonnie transferring Klaus' soul to Tyler was also not a surprise. Just like learning that all the Mystic Falls' vampires are descendant of Klaus.

Hoping that Matt will have more to do in season 4.

Hawaii Five-0
My icon choice for this post is already giving my thoughts !

Really liked the first 30 minutes of this finale.
WTF happened in the last 10 minutes. I know this season was meant to have 24 episodes and not 23 but it wasn't necessary to try cramming 2 episodes in one. The 2 parts didn't make sense together !

Some parts were too predictable & soapy.
1° I was sure Shelburne would turned out to be Steve's mom. Really hope Steve got hold of Danny before boarding that plane. I love how the writers put Japan so close to Hawaii.^_~
2° Why rehash the custody plot? At least Danny finally decided it was time to fight.
3° Knew Chin would choose Malia. Kono has more potential to get out of her problem (don't try to drown a surf champion!)

What I'm hoping:
1° TPTB don't kill Steve's mom right away because how many more hits can he take without going insane. Also don't pull out a soap plot : not mom but her twin sister or a doppelganger (it's not HoD or TVD).
2° Want Danny to get full custody of Grace as Rachel is a bit unstable, as soon as it's difficult she runs away (1st from Danny to Stan, then from Stan to Danny). Also Danny proofed more than once how deeply he cares/loves his Monkey. How many times does Rachel expect Danny to follow her? But please don't make baby Charlie be really Danny's son. (Again not a soap)
3° a) Malia survives but she has a long & painful recovery ahead of her so Chin takes a leave of absence to take care of her (also allows Cath to become organically part of the team by taking the techie duties of Chin). But pretty sure it'll be: Malia dies, Chin break so deeply he can't do his work so Cath comes in. Also problem will rise as he freed Delano to save Kono without knowing the bastard had also his wife.
   b) Chin called Adam to save Kono. She is back to being the badass female we love & searches for Delano up/down/right/left through the island to give him what he deserves.

To conclude : don't mess the team ! It's the heart of the show. I want to see more of the Ohana being there for each other.

Hart of Dixie
This one is a soapy show. I watch it for the good feeling even if predictable. I don't watch that kind of tv for the excellent writing or plot development. Even if I do think it's good.

Liked all the drama around the big wedding. Loving the "signs" announcing the big storm. AnnaBeth is really growing on me, hoping that next season TPTB sill developed her more.

Finally Zade ^_^ Wade is really my favorite character of the show.

The episode would have been perfect without George going to Zoe telling her the wedding is off.
Really really want for Zoe to make the right choice meaning not choosing George as she could be just a rebound for him. Also Wade has been there for her all season long.
She needs to take some distance & not dating any of the guys while she thinks of who/what she really wants/need.

Readers what did you think of the finales of this 3 shows ?

RIP Bompa

I need to write it just so I can go to bed.

It's been a week since my grand-dad was put in ICU. On Wednesday, we discovered that he was brain dead. So on Thursday we stopped all the medical care so he could go peacefully in his sleep without suffering.

I stayed up until now waiting for the phone call from he hospital so I could tell my mom and sisters right away.
Now that it's done, I'm going to sleep.

RIP Bompa. I'll miss you.


Made some icons & other stuff

I had quite a long conversation with kitsune_no_ame on her post last week. That made me realize that I really needed a new icon. So I decided to make some icons of Alex O'Loughlin. First I wanted to create some from Hawaii Five-0 but I was rewatching Moonlight.

I had forgotten how much I liked the end of episode 5 so I used that scene to create something. There are all variations of the same theme.

First time posting some of the icons I made, so hope you'll like it.

Image hébergée par servimg.com Image hébergée par servimg.com

Image hébergée par servimg.com Image hébergée par servimg.com Image hébergée par servimg.com Image hébergée par servimg.com

Image hébergée par servimg.com

I also watched Witheout (in French arrgh) because of our comment exchanged with kitsune_no_ame. Would have been an excellent made for tv movie but as a big screen one it's a bit "meh". And also not enough Alex even if at the beginning there's a nice moment for the fangirls

Don't forget, I love you, Japan

Tiger & Bunny - Les S.H. Figuarts - Manga news

I Want Them. Love Tiger & Bunny. Origami Cyclone seems well done.
Just want some Tiger & Bunny on my shelves.

X JAPAN in Paris - 01/07/11


It really was a dream come true.
On the very first note, I started crying. I couldn't believe it was really happening. The concert I've been dreaming about for the long finally started.

I'll never forget it and I think no other concert will have as much importance, emotion or feeling that this one.

X JAPAN will forever be one of my most precious memories (even bigger than meeting the boys)
Just thinking about it makes my eyes watering.

X JAPAN in Paris - Setlist
Invité d'honneur Anime - Nobuteru Yuki - Manga news

Enfin une raison d'aller à Japan Expo. Escaflowne est une de mes séries animées préférées peut-être même ma préférée.
Sans oublier le concert de X Japan le 1er juillet.

Finally, X Japan in Europe

Already have my ticket for Paris and probably also going to the dutch concert (sold-out waiting to see if the group will go to a bigger hall).


Xmas in Tokyo

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